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My approach to working with people is informed by social constructionism, which recognises that human beings construct different realities through their diverse understandings and subjective meanings. We all come from different backgrounds and make different experiences in life, and that needs to be appreciated. Whilst valuing things in common we can also embrace our differences in order to be successful. I use this understanding to see clients’ distinguished potential and can then offer a contextualised service. This means that I do not apply a one-fits-all solution framework, which allows for a unique work-relationship.

Throughout my career I was privileged to learn from and work with many people from diverse cultural backgrounds. I have chosen a variety of educational pathways and learning systems and applied those when I was teaching Organisational Behaviour and Developmental Psychology at the University of Notre Dame, Australia. Apart from tertiary education, I also worked for different NGO's promoting positive cultural change. Additionally, my professional practice is influenced by my Yoga studies and Teaching. My intention is to bring people together and to work towards more connected communities. I invite you to email me with remaining questions and to view my qualifications, publications and testimonials below for more information about my work.

All of my skills combined offer a unique service to you in order to identify solutions to your challenges and support you during the integration process.

5 yrs of Law studies, Germany

Bachelor of Behavioural Science, Australia

​Master of Philosophy (by Research), Australia​

500+ hrs of Yoga training, India, Thailand and Australia​

Protective Behaviours Practitioner, Australia

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