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Here for a change?

Services based on Behavioural Science and Yoga.

Sumati Solutions supports you in times of change and transformation, may this be in your professional and/or private life. The approach is strength-based and client-centered, and is therefore always contextualised in regards to your needs and wants. Please view the offers below for business, individual mentoring and Yoga (business and private classes). 

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”



Hi, I am Sarah

I ask questions and I organise with passion. I help you gain clarity on your path and direction when life’s projects get challenging and you simply need that extra perspective. Through my skills in identifying gaps in existing systems and clarifying priorities, working with me will bring structure and a sense of focus into your life.


Together we’ll map out a plan of action that will suit your unique situation and I support you in its integration phase. In my work with you I’m concise, clear and focused, and can therefore ask the pivotal questions, which can lead to your desired results. My ability to guide you in creating satisfying solutions and to extract what needs to be done, will support you in your transformation. I believe in Self-empowerment and Self-agency: I believe in you!

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